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Welcome to Kathairis, a mod developed by a small team with big goals. Kathairis is a dimension mod set in a much larger scope story that tells a history encompasing not only the mod, but all of minecraft, including you the player! Become a part of the story and tell your own tales!

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What is the origin of Kathairis?

There are some people who will tell you magic is nothing but the work of fiction. They will say that people only described it as such because we couldn’t understand the execution at the time. Some will even argue it was nothing more than exaggerated views on scientific advancement. My vote lands that those statements are only half accurate. Old writings describe a time when the mystical and the machined were once part of the same world. Otherworldly power and logical mechanics existed side by side. For one reason or another however, some folk decided that they need show that their way was better than the others, and this was the first mark in the cause for separation.

The machinists thought that they could produce better results without the use of magicks, while the mystics believed their devices only disconnected them from the world. As the conflict rose many began to issue a call to action, requesting that the two be deemed completely independent and ceasing any collaboration between them. It was at this time a young man stepped forward and proposed splitting the reality into two distinct planes.

The theory was simple. Causing a rift in time to seal off the machine world from the magical, giving them both their own realms to grow without interference from the other. It would solve any debate on which method was best used and save us all the argument of how to approach every situation.

The man partnered with an elderly sage, using both methods to cause a disruption in the fabric of reality. As the two worlds became singular on their own, the two men created a bridge between them. Something that could be opened from either side, and would allow future generations to interact with the opposing world in hopes they may once more come together. The key to the bridge however was not shared, and was something that both sides must discover on their own should they wish.

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