The Story Edit

A gleaming gemstone radiating strange energy similar to that felt in the void. It's aura is unstable and reacts to small impacts. Many have admitted to dropping the stone and having it simply shatter or vanish. While the methods for creating these gems went undiscovered for centuries, a blacksmith found that the enchantment process could be completed simply by placing certain items within close proximity of each other.

"The Diamond holds all the energy from the four pearls I had placed near it. The handful of Lapis chunks I had bonded with it as a way of creating some form of shell to help hold back the over abundance of energy now contained within. As I reached for the stone however it fell to the floor and burst into dust. If I was to replicate it I would need be more cautious of its handling." - Darvin Senoul

Crafting The Gem Edit


The stone is rather simple to make if you follow the recipe laid out. The Mystic Gem can be crafted quickly on a crafting table, but there are rumors that once used to gain access to the Kathairis there are simpler ways to craft them using alternative methods.

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